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Setra FLEX (Hot-Wire to Setra FLEX™ Conversion Kit)


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No Construction - Installs in Minutes - Replaces "8630" Units

GET RID OF OLD HOT-WIRE THROUGH-THE-WALL (TTW) TECHNOLOGY! The Setra FLEX™ Hot-wire Conversion Kit is designed to replace common Through-the-Wall (TTW) anemometer-based room pressure monitors with reliable capacitive sensing technology from Setra FLEX. The kit includes everything required for upgrading obsolete, high maintenance room pressure monitor technology. This kit can completely replace outdated, discontinued "8630" room pressure monitors with new, better technology.

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The Setra FLEX™ Hot-wire Replacement Kit includes everything required for upgrading obsolete, high maintenance room pressure monitor technology.

No construction required for install

The complete kit can be installed in minutes and requires no wiring or wall modifications; all you need is just a ladder and screw driver. First, remove the existing sensor covers and replace them with Setra’s sensor. Next, connect using existing wires. Then, remove the legacy monitor and replace with Setra FLEX. Connect using existing wires and power, configure FLEX and you’re done!

Low-maintenance & contaminant-free sensing technology

Through-the-Wall (TTW) anemometer-based pressure monitors are prone to attract dirt and contaminants which can easily clog the sensing equipment, causing false alarms and unreliable readings. Setra’s capacitive pressure transducers are dead-ended sensors, which means there is no air flowing through pressure tubing. Our proprietary variable capacitance transducer requires no maintenance or cleaning. Re-zero can be done on the Setra FLEX touch screen and sensor calibration can be performed if the application requires it.

The Setra FLEX unit includes a brilliant 7” touch screen display, configurable visual and audible alarming, isolation and non-isolation modes, alarm delay, key switch input, and control operation for VAV dampers. Multiple units can be easily configured using Setra’s USB cloning feature.

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